My Review of Sins of Winter

Sins of Winter

By A.J. Llewellyn | D.J. Manly | Serena Yates |


ISBN: 978-0-85715-894-9

Genre: Gay MM/ Contemporary/ Paranormal

Rating: HOT

Book Length: Anthology

Reviewer: Silver Pixie

Book Summery:

Book three in The Seven Deadly Sins Collection of Anthologies
The seven deadly sins: lust, wrath, greed, gluttony, envy, pride and sloth.

The Sins of Winter weaves a general thread of revelation loosely tying these tales together. Acedia (a precursor to sloth), Greed and Pride, are explored in these hot m/m tales involving action, burning hot sex and out-of-this-world adventures that will warm you up…fast!
‘Toppling Pedestals’ by D.J. Manly
In ‘Toppling Pedestals’, DJ Manly deals with the sin of pride.

The thought that there was something better out there took Tristan away…then pride almost broke his heart.

Tristan, Samuel and Casey had been friends since grade one. When Casey-the doctor’s son-goes off to university, Samuel and Tristan are left behind in their small hometown. Samuel comes from a poor background and has no money for school. He takes a job in the hardware store that Tristan’s parents own.

Tristan decides to work at the store for a year before joining Casey at school. He’s expected to run the store eventually but wants to explore what’s out there first. Breaking away from the town means breaking Samuel’s heart. When tragedy brings Tristan home again, will pride stand in the way of letting Samuel know how he feels?
‘If Come’ by A.J. Llewellyn
In If Come, AJ Llewellyn deals with the ancient deadly sin of acedia.

It was once considered the ‘noonday demon’-a melancholia that is brought about by repetitive work. Writing, marriage and monkhood were the three main occupations said to induce it.

Zam Carmarthen is a mildly successful Hollywood screenwriter struggling with a debilitating depression that prevents him from completing anything he starts. When he lands an ‘If Come’ deal with a major Hollywood producer, he’s finally forced to focus on his work and not give into the strange malaise gripping him. In order to ever move ahead in the movie business, he must complete the pilot episode of his proposed TV series, Angel Inn. If his producer is able to sell the series, Zam will be a very rich man. Everything he has worked for can be his.

Paralyzed by his depression, he finds unusual solace in the form of his arch nemesis, Dominic Glass-a surgeon turned super successful screenwriter…and the man who rewrote Zam’s hit screenplay for his own glory.

Can Zam overcome the depression Dominic calls acedia, which threatens to derail his whole life? Can he move on from his long time sex buddy Jason? And what about these new feelings he has for Dominic in spite of their rocky history? Will Zam get it together…or will Dominic once again walk away with all the credit for something Zam created?
‘Winter Challenge’ by Serena Yates
In Winter Challenge, Serena Yates deals with the sin of greed.

Pediatrician Noah Goldwin receives some bad news-his father has died and his greedy elder brother doesn’t only take over the family business, he wants the entire fortune for himself. So, he informs Noah that he was adopted and washes his hands of him. Noah, who never knew of his, past, sets out to find his roots.

An elderly aunt, a mysterious ring and a location in the far north of Canada are his only hints…until he meets a tall, dark stranger who may have the solution to all his questions. There is only one problem-Ataro lives in a parallel dimension.

Will the two men be able to find a way to join forces? How will they defeat the power hungry enemies on Ataro’s world? And are inter-dimensional relationships even possible?


I loved Toppling Pedestals and it is one of the best Shorts I have read of DJ Manly’s in a while. I adore all of DJ’s novels don’t get me wrong but this book spoke to me. I have no use really for the 7 deadly sins but I do understand what it means to place someone on a Pedestal and not letting go of my pride long enough to tell then what they really mean to me. I understand what it means to loose a chance in life.  For the record so I don’t sound stalkerish this loss has nothing to do with any writers past or present that I know… My Best Male Friend in high school who I was crushing on all 4yrs and I became close after high school. He helped me to rise my now 15yr daughter as his own. I let my pride over ride something good that I had and now I am left with what ifs. We lost touch for a long time but I had hit a low in my life so low that I reached out to the only person I thought could help. He and I have reconnected as best friends and that is enough for me.  Tristan and Sam reminded me so much of my friend and I that it was sadly scary.  Sometimes we don’t see that the best thing we have in life is right in front of us and it is sad that sometimes it takes something or someone else to show us what it is that we are missing and to give us the courage to let go of our pride and risk looking like an ass to tell someone what they mean to us.


In If Come, AJ Llewellyn deals with the ancient deadly sin of acedia. For those of you who don’t know what Acedia is it describes a state of listlessness or torpor, of not caring or not being concerned with one’s position or condition in the world. It can lead to a state of being unable to perform one’s duties in life. Its spiritual overtones make it related to but distinct from depression.[1] Acedia was originally noted as a problem among monks and other ascetics who maintained a solitary life. (wikipedia)  This is a feeling many people I think suffer from and I know for me it’s debilitating sometimes. I cannot begin to rave about If Come by AJ. Again He has out done himself by making the readers put themselves in the book and experience the feelings Zam and Dominic are. Zam is crippled by his Acedia to the point that it threatens his well being. However we learn as the story goes on that in Hollywood new dogs are up to old tricks. I love how AJ leaves us wondering as to who is real and who is fake.. If Come is light hearted, deeply moving and brought tears of sadness and joy to me as I read it. By the end I had hope that Dreams do come true even in the glitter of Hollywood. However sometimes those dreams are better then we dream them to be when you find someone who loves accepts and understands you better then you do yourself.


Last But Never Least Winter Challenge By Serena Yates. I have to be honest but my experiences with Serena have all been books she has Co wrote with AJ Llewellyn together they have always been brilliant however I have to say after reading Winter Challenge she is truly on my Writers to buy from now on. This story is BRILLIANT!!!!  Noah is a Pediatrician who finds out a secret he would never have expected and that secret leads him to Canada and the Man that he is connected to in ways his clinical mind had a hard time to wrap itself around. Ataro knew at a very young age that his heart connection was stolen from him. But it wasn’t until he was an adult that he realized how important this person really was to him and how connected they really were. When fate intervenes again and delivers his chosen to him Ataro and Noah realize that they are going to have to fight more then the unknown to stay together.  Greed and jealousy threaten our new lovers. Will they be able to find those who seek to harm them or will they fail their Winter Challenge.


On my Erect Peni Scale of one to Ten As a WHOLE Sins of Winter Gets a 10+ Hands down Together DJ,AJ and Serena are Hotter then Hell!

Toppling Pedestals, as a stand-alone is a 10+++++++ DJ as always Knows His stuff and its hot, smart and touching. I CANNOT recommend this story more. This is a MUST READ!

If Come By AJ Llewellyn of course is a 10+++++as well. This story however does hold a special place in my heart. I cannot recommend this book more, As a stand alone or together with the others its well worth the read.

Winter Challenge By Serena Yates is 10++++++++ on my Erect Peni scale as well. It is rare for me to find a new writer that I love as much as I do AJ Llewellyn and DJ Manly. I am privileged to have found someone else who is as talented, heart warming and sweet as Serena. I was touched by her story and many others will be as well.

In an effort to try and keep this review from being any longer then it already is I want to close this by Saying on my Scale of Wait to pay Day to Buy or Sell the Kids and/or Fur Babies. SELL, SELL, SELL, and Buy, Buy, Buy this book!!!!